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TMF Measurement Vehicle

for the determination of pavement texture depth according EN ISO 13473-1:2004

Pavement surfaces with reduced noise emissions as well as sufficient water drainage and skid resistance are important requirements for the environmental sustainability and road safety.

The quality assurance of these properties requires the definition of demand-oriented texture parameters for the micro- and macrotexture and their monitoring.

The TMF measurement vehicle with its high resolution laser sensor measures the texture depth continuously in the flowing traffic along a chosen test line with great precision.

The PC-system for measurement control and data storage is integrated in the car. The system is operated via a touchscreen monitor. An integrated GPS system with a DGPS correction system permits precise localization of the measured data in addition to the speedometer data. The software tool „TextureViewer“ permits the required evaluations and graphical presentations.

Technical parameters (standard version):

Resolution / vertical < 0.03 mm
Resolution / lateral approx. 0.5 mm at 60 km/h
Resolution / data frequency measurement points/ second

Evaluation parameters:

  • MPD (Mean Profile Depth) based on EN ISO 13473-1:2004
  • ETD (Estimated Texture Depth, equivalent to MTD/ sand-patch method according EN 13036-1:2010)

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