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Asphalt / Bitumen

Automatic Breaking Point Analyser IWS- BPA

for the determination of the Fraass breaking point according to DIN EN 12593:2015

Frostiness is a significant stress factor for bituminous road pavements. The „determination of the Fraass breaking point„ has been proved to be a reliable indicator for the rheological characteristics of bitumen and bituminous binders at low temperature.

The breaking point analyser IWS-BPA allows fully-automatic tests. The construction and the measurement procedure of the Automatic breaking point analyser IWS-BPA is based on the technical requirements of the European Standard.

The easy use of the PC control and the automatically generated test reports with its graphic charts facilitate the daily work in the laboratory.

The IWS-BPA offers you:

  • Fully-automatic regulation of the flexure-run of the test plate
  • Continuous force measurement up to the detection of the breaking-point with the force sensor at the bending apparatus
  • PC-controlled, fully-automated regulation of the test chamber temperature with the internal, microprocessor controlled cooling system and the integrated temperature sensors
  • Realisation of a very fast test procedure by an optimized regulation within the range of permissible cooling rates specified in the standard
  • Test chamber with integrated digital camera for the observation of the flexure and glass insert for easy cleaning of the test chamber
  • All-in-One-PC on a robust stainless steel stand with Windows®-based software for the control of the measuring procedure and the data storage
  • Evaluation software for the generation of test reports including the graphical presentation of the force measurement and the cooling rate

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