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Asphalt / Bitumen


for measuring the macrotexture of pavements and cores

For many years the outflow meter (Moore) in combination with the SRT pendulum test or the sand-patch method have been used to determine the macrotexture of pavement surfaces.

Both methods employ consumed materials (water or sand). At the same time, the measured data obtained by these methods are prone to operator errors on account of the manual testing procedure.

In contrast, the measurement device ELAtextur is largely free of operator errors and operates more accurately and faster.

The rotating laser sensor of the ELAtextur scans the pavement with high resolution. The integrated Mini-PC controls the device. Its software determines the MPD value (Mean Profile Depth) in accordance with EN ISO 13473-1:2004 based on a part-circle segment of the texture and the ETD value after every measurement and shows them on the display of the measurement device.

Additionally the measurement results can be transferred to an USB stick. The specially developed evaluation software provides a presentation of the measurement results in test protocols at the work station.

The calibration plate, integrated in the transportation case, allows the performance of calibration measurements at any time and thus enhances the measurement safety.

For texture measurements at cores we have developed our core adapter (Ø 150 mm/ other sizes upon request). For texture measurements at cores of testing systems according Wehner/ Schulze (Ø 225 mm) we recommend our special device ELApws.

Resolution / vertical 0.01 mm
Resolution / horizontal 0.2 mm
Circumference of the Measurement circle 400 mm
Scanned points per measurement 2000
Rotations per measurement
(measurement and repeat measurement)
Weight of the device 9.5 kg

Evaluation parameters:

  • MPD (Mean Profile Depth) in accordance with EN ISO 13473-1:2004 based on a part-circle segment of the texture
  • ETD (Estimated Texture Depth, equivalent to MTD/ sand-patch method according EN 13036-1:2010)

Additional options:

  • GPS receiver, integrated in the device, offers the necessary data for the localization of the measurement points.
  • The new ELAmobil facilitates and speeds up the measurement operation of the ELAtextur device during the outdoor use.

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