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Asphalt / Bitumen

Wheel Tracking Device IWS- VF

for the determination of the stability of asphalt samples under rolling loads in air or water.

Modern road construction requires highly stable asphalt pavements to meet the demands of today’s traffic intensity and loading, especially for slow-moving heavy load traffic.

Therefore test methods are needed that generate detailed and reliable information for the development of asphalt recipes and quality control. For this purpose dynamic load tests for simulating real loading conditions have proven to be extremely useful.

Our PC-controlled wheel tracking devices for fully automated measurements and data evaluation haven proven themselves for over 30 years.

Our current model with its integrated climate chamber allows tests in hot air and water bath as prescribed by DIN EN 12697-22:2013.

In addition, various load tests can be simulated by changing the test wheels and/ or the test loads.

As proven over many years, the profile measurement provides reliable information on the deformation resistance of the asphalt sample.

To assist in reporting, the measurement results can be summarized in a print-out that includes charts and tables as required by DIN EN 12697-22:2013.

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