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Skid Resistance

NPS- System

for track guidance and transversal positioning of high-speed measurement systems

The navigation and positioning recognition system NPS developed by our company permits track-guided test runs with a pre-scribed distance from the road edge or from road markings as required for high speed measurement systems for example in the German Technical Specification TP-Griff StB (SKM). The system increases the repeatability and reproducibility of the measured data significantly.

The system consists of one or two cameras and a LED-based driver display.

The control and data storage is PC-based. The system can be integrated into the existing software. Alternatively it is possible to operate the system on a separate computer. In this case the synchronisation of the NPS data and the measured data will be done via GPS data or computer time.

For measurements in case of absent road markings or poorly recognizable roadside a remote control for the manual input of the edge marking is available as a hand set or integrated in the vehicle.

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