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for the stationary texture measurement of pavements on a linear measurement line

For a number of years now the ELAtextur device with its rotating laser sensor has proven its worth for the analysis of the macrotexture of pavements.

In addition, we have now developed the ELAlinear. This device allows the determination of the macrotexture of pavements on a linear measurement line using the proven ELAtextur technology.

The concept of the ELAlinear has been optimized for the outdoor use, proving itself through its easy handling.

With a maximum measuring range of 1650 mm, it is the perfect choice for those seeking easy but precise detection of ruts in the wheel path or quality control of texturing performances (e.g. grinding). Thus, for many situations it provides a cost-efficient alternative to the expensive use of high-speed measurement vehicles.

Technical parameters / ELAlinear:

Resolution / vertical 0.01 mm
Resolution / horizontal 0.2 mm
Maximum measuring range 1650 mm
Weight 23 kg

Evaluation parameters:

  • MPD (Mean Profile Depth) in accordance with EN ISO 13473-1:2004 based on a part-circle segment of the texture
  • ETD (Estimated Texture Depth, equivalent to MTD/ sand-patch method according EN 13036-1:2010)

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