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Skid Resistance

SKM Measurement System

for the determination of the skid resistance of pavements with high speed measurement vehicles based on the SKM procedure according the regulations of the German TP Griff-StB (SKM), edition 2007 and the European CEN TS 15901-8.

The determination of skid resistance by the SKM method (Seitenkraft-Messverfahren/ Sideways-force measurement) has proved its worth over many years on highways and municipal roads.

During a test run the obliquely-oriented SKM test wheel is lowered onto the road pavement and dragged over the pavement with a precisely defined applied vertical load on a defined water film.

The sideways force acting in the direction of the test wheel axis depending on the micro- and macrotexture of the pavement is measured by means of a load cell. The relation between this horizontal force and the vertical force of the test wheel load described the skid resistance level of the pavement.

The construction and the technical components of our SKM measurement systems fully comply with the requirements of the European Technical Specifications “Road and airfield surface characteristics – Part 8: Procedure for determining the skid resistance of a pavement surface by measurement of the sideway-force coefficient (SFCD): the SKM” (CEN/ TS 15901-8) and the German TP- Griff- StB (SKM), edition 2007 of the “Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft für Straßen- und Verkehrswesen e.V.” (German Road and Transportation Research Association), Cologne.

Compliance with these wide-ranging requirements as well as the high comparability and repeatability of the data measured by our SKM Road Surface Tester has been repeatedly confirmed by the “Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen” (Federal Highway Research Institute), Bergisch Gladbach, in numerous acceptance and control tests.

In principle our SKM measurement system can be integrated in every suitable chassis.

The whole control of the measurement components and the data storage during the test runs are fully PC-controlled. A monitor is situated in front of the operator.

The software additionally allows the evaluation of the measurement data with regard to different sections lengths and the calculations of averages. In order to present the various measured data in a comprehensive manner we offer different software tools. It would be a pleasure for us to adapt them to your requirements.

Our SKM measurement system offers you:

  • Pneumatically controlled SKM measurement system with an obliquely-oriented SKM test wheel and a load cell for measuring the side force
  • Water supply appatus for delivering a defined water film in front of the test wheel. A constant water film thickness is ensured by means of a speed-controlled dosing pump. The required quantity of water is carried in the built-in water tank installed on the vehicle body
  • Temperature sensors recording the temperature of the road surface, air temperature, water temperature and the temperature of the contact surface of the test tyre
  • Integrated GPS system with a SIRF-DGPS correction system for the localization of the measurement data in addition to the speedometer data
  • A front-mounted camera system for recording an overview picture during the test run
  • The navigation and position recognition system NPS for track-guided test runs, developed by our company and now mandatory
  • The camera system consisting of a rearview camera and a SKM camera for monitoring
  • Computer system and power supply system
  • Windows®-based software for control and data storage

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