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Skid Resistance

SKM Software

for the evaluation and visualisation of SKM measurements at the workstation:

SKM Player

The SKM Player visualises the collected SKM measurement data at the monitor and at last facilitates the required plausibility check by the operator of the measurement system according the Technical Specifications TP- Griff StB (SKM).

The combination of measurement data and images of the test run gives a good impression of the situation of the pavement.

SKM KML Creator

This tool creates kml-files, which can be used for the visualisation of the measurement data and their appraisal in GIS systems and map-viewer (e.g. Google Earth®).

SKM evaluation software

The creation of test reports especially in the road construction contract management is time-consuming, but also characterised by route operations.

Our evaluation software generates the required evaluations (section values/ mean values/ standard deviations), creates the graphical presentations of the measurement curves and produces the whole test report with all annexes based on the individual stored standard texts including the letterhead.

We are constantly developing our software tools. It would be a pleasure for us to realise your special requests.

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