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Asphalt / Bitumen

Mastic-Asphalt Workability Tester IWS- GVM

A drop in the workability temperature of mastic asphalt allows great energy savings and thus significant cost reductions. In addition, a marked reduction of emissions during the production and handling of the mastic asphalt is possible. And the environment benefits.

To assess the behavior of the various mastic asphalts during the production process with regard to possible temperature reductions the measurement device IWS-GVM has been developed.

The agitator, with its force sensor, is lowered into the heatable sample vessel and begins to stir. Depending on the temperature of the mixed asphalt material, the force required for the agitation differs. The force sensor records these forces during the heating and temperature reduction cycles of the test material.

The desired temperature cycles are controlled with using the connected PC and the torque and temperature data are recorded.

This test procedure is part of the “Merkblatt Temperaturabsenkung von Asphalt“ (Bulletin temperature reduction of asphalt) of the FGSV.

The IWS-GVM offers you:

  • Test stand with heatable sample vessel and lowerable agitator
  • Fully automated temperature control according the requirements
  • Continuous force measurement at the agitator
  • Control and data storage via the connected PC
  • All-in-One-PC on a robust stainless steel stand with Windows®-based software for the control of the measuring procedure and the data storage
  • Evaluation software for the generation of test reports including the graphical presentation of the force/ temperature cycles

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