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Skid Resistance

SKM- measurement vehicle

for the high speed determination of the skid resistance of pavements based on the SKM procedure according the regulations of the German TP Griff-StB (SKM), Edition 2007 and the European CEN TS 15901-8.

In principle our SKM measurement system can be integrated in every suitable chassis. Size and features are depending from the requested measurement focus.

If the focus is on a large amount of water for long measurement runs and measurement speeds up to 100 km/h even on ascending slopes, a chassis with a permissible gross weight of 18t (or higher, if possible) including a larger water tank and a stronger motorisation is recommended.

If skid resistance measurements should be carried out on different types of roads (from the highway to the municipal roads), the use of a more compact chassis is recommended. The water tank of such a chassis can have a capacity up to 6.000 litres, depending on the other requested equipment. The size of such a chassis allows the performance of skid resistance measurements even on smaller roads.

It would be pleasure for us to check the suitability of your favourite chassis for the integration of a SKM measurement system.

Our SKM measurement vehicles offers you:

  • Pneumatical-controlled SKM measurement sys­tem with an obli­quely­-oriented SKM test wheel and a load cell for measuring the sideways force compo­nent
  • Water supply tank for delivering a defined water film in front of the test wheel. A constant water film thickness is ensured by means of a speed-controlled dosing pump. The required quantity of water is transported with the assembly during the test runs in the built-in water tank
  • Temperature sensors record the temperature of the road sur­face, air temperature, water tem­pera­ture and the tempe­rature of the con­tact surface of the test tyre
  • Integrated GPS system for the localization of the measurement data in addition to the speedometer data
  • A camera system in the front records an overview screen of the test run
  • The navigation and position recognition system NPS for track-guided test runs, deve­loped by our company and now mandatory
  • The camera system consisting of a reversing camera and a SKM- camera for monitoring
  • Computer system and power supply system
  • Windows®-based software for control and data storage

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