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Asphalt / Bitumen

Module for measuring the indentation depth in mastic asphalt IWS-GEM

The indentation test in accordance with DIN EN 12697-20:2012 has proven its worth for assessing the stability of mastic asphalt.

We offer you the possibility of almost fully automating this suitability test using your established testing facility.

The module consists of two inductive displacement transducers that digitally record the attained indentation depth as a function of time. These replace your mechanical dial gauges.

The connected electronic measuring device controls the test procedure and records the data, while the integrated printer provides you with an initial print-out of the measured data.

The data may also be transferred to a PC via an RS232 interface.

The software of our mastic asphalt indentation module IWS- GEM enables you to print out a test report of your measured results from your PC in German and English.

The IWS-GEM offers you:

  • Two displacement transducers for the recording of the indentation depth
  • Automation of the measuring process through the measuring electronics
  • Integrated printer mounted on the measurement electronics for an initial print-out of the measured data
  • RS232-interface for connection to a PC (optional)
  • Evaluation software for the generation of test reports (optional)

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