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Asphalt / Bitumen

Force-Ductility-Tester IWS- FDT

for determining the visco-elastic properties of modified bitumen according EN 13589

The possible application of different modified bitumen in road construction depends significantly on its rheological properties.

The force ductility testing procedure has proved its worth for the determination of the visco-elastic properties according EN 13589.

The Force-Ductility-Tester IWS-FDT permits the performance of the force ductility testing procedure with your proven STRASSENTEST ductilometer type 410 (other ductilometer are possible on request)

The specially developed sensor block of the Force-Ductility-Tester IWS-FDT determines the force curve over the entire stretched length of the bitumen test specimen. Adding the recorded data of the feed rate it is possible to determine the deformation energy.

Up to 4 sensor blocks can be connected to the measurement module. The handling of the module is easy. The measured force data and feed rates are recorded by the PC.

The results of the measurements can be summarised in a test protocol according EN 13703 including a graphical presentation of the important force curve.

A specially-developed calibration device allows the monitoring of the correct function of the Force-Ductility-Tester IWS-FDT in the laboratory.

Measuring range 0 – 30 kg/ 300 N
Accuracy class C3/ 3000 parts/ 0.1 N

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