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Increasing measurement precision and facilitating working processes

… even over 25 years ago, this slogan was the spur for the development of the first PC- controlled laboratory equipment and this ambition defines our work until today.

IWS Messtechnik GmbH focuses its work consequently on the development and production of measurement systems for material testing and quality assurance in road construction – test devices for the road construction laboratory as well as equipment for the pavement condition survey.

Our long-standing experience and the expertise of our staff are the basis for our numerous new developments in the past, which were often incorporated into the technical guidelines (force ductility, profile measurement of the wheel tracking test, the lane tracking system for high speed measurement vehicles et al.)

During our successful work on several research projects for the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure we have proven our qualifications and our high demands in precision and measurement certainty.

Also in the future, the development and production of robust and accurately working measurement systems according the requests of our customers will be our permanent target. The optimization of the infrastructure is our major concern.

We are working with certificated quality management according DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

IWS Messtechnik GmbH is member of the German Road and Transportation Research Association (FGSV) e.V. and the German Asphalt Institute (DAI) e.V..

Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Schmidt (Managing Director of IWS Messtechnik GmbH) is member of the CEN committee TC227/TG5 (Surface characteristics), the ASTM standardization committee E17 (Vehicle – Pavement Systems) as well as of the following FGSV committees:

  • AA 4.3: Oberflächeneigenschaften (Surface Characteristics)
  • GA 4.3.01: SpA TC 227/ WG5
  • AK 4.3.1: Oberflächenbild (Surface Imaging)
  • AK 4.3.2: Ebenheit (Evenness)
  • AK 4.3.3: Rauheit (Roughness)
  • AK 4.3.5: Akustische Wirksamkeit (Acustic Properties)
  • AK 4.3.6: Texturmessverfahren (Texture Measurement Procedures)
  • AK 8.2.4: Waschbeton (Exposed Aggregate Concrete)
  • AA 8.4: Oberflächen/ Betonbauweisen (Surface/ Concrete Construction)
  • AK 8.4.2: Akustisches Grinding (Acustic Grinding)

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